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Managers vs Leaders

October 18, 2010



The line between managing and leading can be a delicate one. Here is a list I put together from various sources with a few I added of my own. We need managers to survive, but leaders are the ones that inspire real chang in our world. Which are you? The manager’s goal is peace; the […]

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The Social Network

October 11, 2010



I was really looking forward to seeing The Social Network from the very first trailer months ago. As an avid Facebooker, Twitter, and blogger, I was super pumped about seeing the genesis of what would become a social revolution. I can’t think of any other modern tool that has affected our daily interactions and has allowed us to connect with […]

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The Pixar Story

October 7, 2010



I vividly remember the summer of 1995 in some theater and on a first date with some girl. I knew little about this girl and even less about this movie. By the end of the two hours I was captivated and it was all I could talk about afterwards. That night, my love affair with Pixar began […]