Tribes by Seth Godin
Seth Godin has been a hero of mine since he wrote Purple Cow. His perspective about movements and leadership are insightful, simple, and remarkable. Tribes is another great book about the power of the group. Now more than ever, the small has the power to truly change the world.

“Suddenly, heretics, troublemakers, and change agents aren’t merely thorns in our side—they are the keys to our success. Tribes give you leverage. And each of us has more leverage than ever before. I want you to think about the ramifications of the new leverage. I’m hoping you’ll see that the most profitable path is also the most reliable, the easiest, and the most fun.”


Ignore Everyone by Hugh MacLeod
This is a simple and insightful book about an artist that found his unique creative voice by illustrating on the back of business cards. From that he formulated 40 keys to claiming creativity. As a creative leader, if I had to choose one handbook to live by, it would be this one.

“You don’t know if your idea is any good the moment it’s crea­ted. Neither does anyone else. The most you can hope for is a strong gut fee­ling that it is. And trus­ting your feelings is not as easy as the opti­mists say it is. There’s a rea­son why fee­lings scare us.

Made To Stick by Chip and Dan Heath
I have enjoyed reading ‘Made to Stick’ by brothers Chip and Dan Heath. They share about key to making an idea successful is to make them ’sticky’. Sticky ideas are understandable, memorable, and effective in changing thoughts and behavior. The problem; the curse of knowledge keeps our ideas from being sticky. I’ve really enjoyed this book and found it helpful in many arenas. Read my review here.


Reality Check by Guy Kawasaki
This is a fantastic book for creative leaders, marketers, pastors, directors, etc. It’s a big book organized like a reference compendium instead of a typical chapter by chapter book. Need to know how to use social media? Need to know how to give a good presentation? Or need to know how to do fundraising? Whatever you are facing, just look up the solution! Guy Kawasaki has collected a massive amount of information and experiences to make Reality Check a valuable resource for all kinds of leaders.

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  1. Thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it (Tribes), Tony.


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