Size Doesn’t Matter

Posted on September 28, 2010


Meet Dot. At a teeny-tiny 9mm tall, Dot is the Angelina Jolie of the microscopic film scene. Or at least the Sharon Stone. The latest flick staring this mini movie star tells the story of a little lady on an adventure through a colorful land of intrigue and adventure. The Nokia N8 Phone has been used in the making of the world’s smallest stop motion character animation. Certified by the Book of Guinness World Records, the animation was created by Aardman Animation. In an ambitious project, they combined the might of the Nokia N8’s image capture ability with the concept behind Professor Fletcher’s invention of the CellScope.
Filmed using a Nokia N8 cell phone outfitted with a special microscope attachment, the short clip boasts the distinction of world’s smallest stop-motion animation video.

Fletcher’s invention of the Cellscope enables doctors in remote places to take pictures of blood samples with a mobile phone camera before sending them off for analysis. It is currently being tested in Uganda and has proven successful at helping to detect Malaria. Whilst the concept worked for Aardman, they had to come up with their own variant in order to get the required depth of field for the images. With a few thousand frames shot on the N8’s 12-megapixel camera, these were then stitched together to create the finished movie.

This behind the scenes starts with, ‘It’s not about technology, but what you do with it’. This is a great reminder that you can do a lot with little- or do a ‘little’ with little. Very inspirational.