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Death is the new life

November 9, 2010


Forgive my flair for the dramatic, but in honor of my 40th birthday today, my Creative Leadership site is officially coming to a close. You can say I am celebrating life by embracing death- death of my blog. I have been so grateful for this platform for the past 2 years. Through it I have discovered my passion for writing, connected with countless […]

Orphan Sunday Nov 7th

November 6, 2010


I am so excited to join in with a national movement this Sunday to bring awareness about children-at-risk and orphans locally and globally. It is staggering to think that there are 15 millions orphans worldwide. In the US alone, there are 500,000 children with over 3,000 in Orange County (where I live). This issue has […]

The Social Network

October 11, 2010


I was really looking forward to seeing The Social Network from the very first trailer months ago. As an avid Facebooker, Twitter, and blogger, I was super pumped about seeing the genesis of what would become a social revolution. I can’t think of any other modern tool that has affected our daily interactions and has allowed us to connect with […]

Be weak

October 5, 2010


Here is another brilliant list from Seth Godin’s blog about how to demonstrate real strength. Often times we perceive leadership to be about never showing weakness. As leaders we spend an enormous amount of time covering up our flaws and deficiencies. Reality check. That’s fine if you find yourself in the 80’s and in a […]

Is it broken?

September 17, 2010


One of my favorite author, speaker, and innovator shares not only how to identify if something is broken but why it is important. This is a rare talk that he has not done before (and maybe never again) at the GEL Conference from 2006. After you watch this, you can’t help but see all the […]

Seth Godin is done with books

August 26, 2010


Well that is not entirely true.  In his usual ‘upset the status quo’ approach on leadership, Godin recently announced that he is done with the traditional publishing of books with the completion of Linchpin (my personal favorite). It’s pretty shocking (and foolish?) that a New York Times Best Seller author would walk away from the cash cow of […]

Foto Friday

August 20, 2010