My first iPad post…

Posted on September 10, 2010


This is my first post on WordPress using the super sexy and infamous iPad. Unless you have been living on a technologically devoid island, you have probably heard of Apple’s latest ‘game changing’ product. While I may not be an Apple evangelist, I would definitely be considered an Apple enthusiast. I actually sit very comfortably riding the technological fence between both PC and Mac. One hand wields the super tiny Sony Vaio laptop while the other boasts the mighty iPhone 4. Most assume because of my creative background that I would be aligned to the Steve Jobs centered universe. While I am a big proponent of the philosophy and culture Apple, I really don’t have a preference of what platform I use. Heck, give me an ‘etch-a-sketch’ and I will do my best with it. But regardless of what you feel about the Star Trekkie, future-verse of Apple, it’s no doubt that they practice what they preach about ‘disrupting the status quo’. The iPad is another example of that. So I am intrigued with this new form that is not quite as robust as a laptop but far superior than an iPhone. Even while I type away on this virtual keyboard, I am still digesting the real purpose of this elegant flat screen. Here are a few of my thoughts.

After a solid days use, I can definitely see how it would replace most functions of a laptop. Even as a ‘tweener’ device, it is perfect for mass information consumption but just okay for content creation. You won’t be writing a novel on this thing but surprisingly, this post is not as difficult as I predicted it would be. Finding and transitioning between programs is effortless and quick. I found myself jumping back and forth between Internet, Twitter, and Facebook with more ease than any other device. Streaming video from Netflix is perfect for this size screen and is much more comfortable viewing while in bed than having a cumbersome laptop on your lap. Yesterday evening I had to order the installation of a new ceiling fan at Lowes and the process ended up taking a looooong time. So it was nice to just sit and browse through some newspaper, magazine, and comic book apps. The iPad is so thin and light that it slips into most bags or about as inconvenient to carry around as a pad of paper. Book reading is very solid and makes the Nook and Kindle look like an old school ‘Speak and Spell’. I experienced a little with gaming and i could see the limitless potential there too. Battery life is impressive since I went to whole day and finally got down to the dreaded 20% remaining warning of doom.

Typing, while innovative, is still not as efficient as a physical keyboard- nothing will ever be. While writing this review, I am finding myself still backing up and fixing every 7-8th word. The spellcheck catches somethings but leaves others (it will learn over time) and trying to use the spell corrector is not easy. No doubt there are plenty of missspelld words as a result, my apologies. I’m also intentionally using the WordPress app and so far I am not too impressed. It seems limited with little control over details on the post like adding bullet points, bold, color, etc. I also have limited control over the photos I upload. Most of this can be solved by just using the Safari browser instead of the app. The photo default is to place it at the bottom so I will have to correct that on my laptop later. The other major con is that this is another piece of sexy tech that my wife is not too happy to see. So I have to make sure not to sacrifice quality time with the 3-D world for the allures of the 2-D.

Overall, I am pretty impressed. I feel like I am cheating on my laptop and may never go back (or rarely). The iPad is not just efficient but it’s fun to use. The company’s motto; Think Differently exudes from every inch of this device. It makes you feel like you are changing the status quo even when you are doing nothing! Who knows where this device will lead to or how it will revolutionize our work flow. It definitely is re-defining our gateway to the outside world. But like any new tech, it doesn’t replace the hard work of original content development and new ideas. After a few weeks, I will let you know what my final verdict is.

iPad users, let me know what you hunk and how life has changed for you.

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