Death by idea

Posted on August 23, 2010


Some of my fondest memories was collecting ‘cap guns’. I was very proud of the arms I had stock-piled in my youth. When I was a kid, there was an entire aisle at Toys R Us dedicated to realistic toy guns. These guns were complete with gun caps sound, sparks, and smoke. Some of the ones I had even had real moving chamber action and actually loaded with a magazine clip. There was no sissy neon orange tip and the only thing that separated them from the real thing was that it didn’t fire a real bullet. I actually still have this collection since they are now an endangered species. In fact, they are so realistic that eBay doesn’t even allow to sell them!

Even though this commercial is ancient, I was collecting these guns till the mid 80’s! As a kid, these were a brilliant idea. It was brilliant till a kid got shot by accident by the police because it appeared he was carrying lethal weapon. It’s amazing how almost over night, a great idea could literally lead to death.

This is a good reminder not to be married to your ideas. Be prepared to be mocked and ridiculed (and take the blame) for an idea that seemed so great yesterday but is totally stupid today. Remember, guns don’t kill people, ideas do- uh, actually they both do but you get my point.

Thanks Scott for sending me this video!

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