Design brings healing

Posted on May 17, 2010


I spent the morning visiting with our next Design Stars recipient. This past November, Leah (44) was walking to the bank right across the street from her Covina apartment. While crossing the street she was suddenly hit by a car. Landing 65 feet away from the point of impact, she sustained massive life-threatening injuries. Struggling to survive, Leah underwent multiple surgeries to repair her shattered body. Waking up two month later, she now had to grip with the reality that she would never walk again.

As you can imagine, the past few months have been difficult on Leah and her family. Adjusting to this new life would easily be overwhelming and discouraging for even the strongest spirits. However, Leah is a fighter. I was really touched with her ability to adapt and to accept this new harsh reality with a smile on her face. Each day presents a new sets of challenges to navigate- changing clothes, brushing teeth, turning on a lamp. etc. She is convinced she will bounce back, better AND stronger than ever. It really put my own ‘problems’ in perspective.

I feel privileged that I get a chance to redesign and renovate her small bedroom. Her whole life in now confined to a 10′ x 12′ world. It’s more like a prison cell then bedroom. Eventually she will be more mobile but until then, Design Stars can help create an environment that is not only inspirational but can serve her various practical needs. In terms of scope, this is one of our smaller projects, however in terms of impact this will be one of our biggest. I am so excited to help craft an experience where design can meet tangible needs. My prayer; while she might not ever be able to walk again, hopefully her new room will help her to fly.

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