May the Fourth Be With You

Posted on May 4, 2010


‘May the fourth’ has been adopted by the national Star Wars tribe as the day to celebrate the creation of arguably the greatest pop culture icon of our generation Over 30 years ago, with little experience, limited time, and limited resources, George Lucas fought tooth and nail to see his vision become a realty. No one believed in him and Star Wars was predicted to be a great failure rather than usher in an era of ‘new hope’ for the sci-fi genre. Regardless of what you think of Lucas now, its no doubt his brilliant vision changed cinema forever.

I love these candid pictures of the George and the cast. I love the fact that they had no clue what was about to happen to them. It wasn’t about fame, fortune, or franchise deals but about filmmaking. The actors were simply glad to have jobs. They were just happy that they could work in a field they loved and be with others that felt the same. There were no egos, expectations, or predictions of the future. With a little imagination and a lot of vision from Lucas, the cast would experience a journey of a life time with the completion of the original Star Wars trilogy. But why did lighting strike for this unknown ensemble cast?

Steve Jobs gave words of wisdom at the Stanford commencement address when he said:

The key to success is to stay hungry and stay foolish.

For the cast of Star Wars, over 30 years ago, they were hungry and foolish, and their success was unparalleled even today. As creative leaders, we have NO IDEA what opportunities will lead to. If you have the determination and you put your pride aside, success will seek you out. Ideas are not the problem, its implementation. Hard work, committment, and gritting it out when everyone else has lost interest is the key to creating anything of long-lasting value. George and the cast believed that and worked hard when everyone had lost faith. My childhood is thankful for it.

So my charge to all the creative leaders in the universe is to stay hungry, stay foolish- and May the fourth be with you.