The Art of Bloopers

Posted on May 3, 2010


A blooper reel from the CHUCK season 1 TV show:

I love blooper reels. Often times when I get a new movie or box set, the first thing I go to is the blooper section. Ironically, sometimes the bloopers are more entertaining or more creative than the actual polished movie or TV show. Besides the humor, there is something very special about the happy accidents and incidentals of the creative process. The creatively vulnerable moments for these actors are honest and unashamed. Some of the most ‘life-giving’ and hilarious moments can’t come scripted or planned. It’s mixing experimentation, risk-taking, and the safety of belonging. In these settings, we are free to express and allow our true selves to emerge. Bloopers are a great example of the beauty of failure. As Napoleon Hill  said:

Failure is nature’s plan to prepare you for great responsibilities

Some of our most creative and inspiring moments can be found in our ‘blooper’ experiences. Bold risks-taking, embarrassing ourselves, and freely expressing cultivates the enviroment for real innovation. If you fall, just make sure you are falling forward which means you are embracing failures as a critical part of the creative process. Successes may pay the bills but failures are what shapes you as a successful creative leader.

So my challenge to you is to constantly be adding to your own personal ‘blooper reel’ in your mind. Play it often in your head, laugh at yourself, and express with freedom.

Btw, I intentionally posted a blooper reel from a lesser known TV show. The chemistry and intentional play of the cast is endearing whether you are familiar with the show or not. However, I love te show which makes it even more meaningful to me!