What’s the point?

Posted on April 27, 2010


I get asked all the time why blog all the time. In other words, what’s the point? The reason; because I hate it so much. It does not come naturally, it does not come easily, it certainly does not come pain-free. I do it because it is essential to becoming who I was created to be. Like running each morning as an athlete, daily writing allows me to open up the passage way for greater creativity to emerge. The sovereignty of writing is extremely life-giving and empowering as a creative leader. It’s affected all areas of my life because it has forced me to adopt a learning posture in my environment. It doesn’t matter if the quality is good, bad, or ugly. It doesn’t matter if 1 or 1000 people are reading this site. What matters is that I do it daily. In a world that is constantly taking ad demanding, I write because this is what I have to do to survive. Here is an excerpt from one of my favorite authors that captures the same spirit about writing: 

Acting our way into right thinking is putting pen to the page even when the censor is shrieking. It is choosing to write even when writing feels “wrong” to us– because we’re tired, we’re bothered, we’re any number of things that writing will change if only we will let it. Doing it all the time, whether or not we are in the mood, gives us ownership of our writing ability. It takes it out of the realm of conjuring and makes it something as do-able as picking up a hammer and pounding a nail.
— Julia Cameron, Artist Way Every Day