Kids work at IDEO

Posted on April 25, 2010


IDEO is an amazing consultant design firm whose vision is to create impact through design. They do this by by embracing the inner child and allowing that to drive everything they do. Check this out from their website:  

Kid & Play
We believe in the power of play. Play is an approach, an inspiration, and a catalyst for engagement with our clients and their customers. We are building a broad portfolio of knowledge around Play, as it relates both to kids and adults. Play practices at IDEO are grounded in human factors research, involving in-context interviews and empathy-building exercises with kids. We synergize these learnings with our knowledge of contemporary cultural trends, and the expertise of our multidisciplinary child-focused designers, many of who lead IDEO’s successful Toy Lab.

As well as direct application of play theories in fields such as video game design, we also connect play to workplace creativity to help our clients understand how to leverage play in their innovation processes. Our output can be opportunity frameworks, brand and design strategies, and concept designs, ranging from food packaging to strollers.

This is a great example of how a company is allowing leadership to matter, letting design rule, and believing that simplicity sells. Love it.

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