Celebrate often

Posted on April 1, 2010


While working on the Design Stars project this past weekend, I heard a timely quote on a podcast from speaker Andy Stanley:

“Your community repeats, what you celebrate’

This really resonated with me , especially during this Design Stars weekend. Yes, it’s great to design and renovate homes but more importantly, we need to celebrate the lives that are worth repeating. Stanley got it right. The only way to inspire others to love, serve, and give back to the community is to celebrate those that model it. Celebration creates an emotional conversion to a cause. Celebrating moves a cause from the head to the heart- and the heart is what makes change. We don’t celebrate enough and I am guilty of this. It’s easy to think that if we just tell people what to do, that will be enough to inspire change. It’s only half of it. We must identify the individuals that are doing it and celebrate their work for all to see. Positive reinforcement is a much more effective tool than money, power, or rewards.

  • You want your community to be more generous? Acknowledge the generous leaders in your community.
  • More creative? Celebrate the artist and innovators in your community.
  • Healthy marriages? Throw big  anniversary parties in public

What does your community need and who can you celebrate? Sounds like  it’s party time!

You can see more pics from the renovation at the Design Stars website.