And the Oscar goes to…The Hurt Locker!

Posted on March 8, 2010


There always seems to be an upset at the Oscars and this year is no difference. The Hurt Locker upset favorites like Avatar for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Screen Play. This is a relatively small film about a bomb diffusing squad in Iraq as they attempt to cope with the stress of their jobs. I was glad to see this film in the theaters when it first came out last summer. It’s a very intense story and made me appreciate the sacrifice of our solders. Not sure if Hurt Locker earned all of its Oscar accolades but regardless, it’s a great film. Here was the humbled acceptance speech from Writer, Producer, and Director of the film. Btw, Kathryn Bigelow is the first female to ever win the coveted title of Best Director- an amazing accomplishment.

Mark Boal (Writer):
Thank you so much. This has been such a dream. Beyond a dream for all of us who have lived for so long with this story. And, you know, we had this fantasy of making our film our way with the talent that we hoped to have. And hopefully, we would find a distributor and somebody might even like the movie. So to be standing here, this was really, truly, honestly never part of anything we even imagined in our wildest dreams. So thank you so much to each and every member of the Academy for really honoring us beyond anything we could’ve ever imagined.

Greg Shapiro (Producer) :
Thank you to the Academy. This is really unreal and extremely humbling. We also have to thank our intrepid financier and fellow producer, Nicolas Chartier, who bet on this movie when no one else would. The incredible support that we got from CAA, particularly Joel Lubin, Roeg Sutherland, Brian Siberell, our entire cast and crew. Our fearless director.

Mark Boal:
Our fearless director. And also, we owe a deep debt of gratitude, by the way, to Summit Entertainment and Rob Friedman and Patrick Wachsberger for distributing this film. And thank you, mom. I forgot to thank you before.

Kathryn Bigelow (Director):
I was just gonna reiterate that with Rob and Patrick, who took a very brave shot with this movie. And we owe them dearly. Perhaps one more dedication, to men and women all over the world who… Sorry to reiterate, but wear a uniform, but even not just the military – HazMat, emergency, firemen. They’re there for us and we’re there for them. Thank you. Thank you.

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