Foto Friday

Posted on February 26, 2010


I know this is not a very inspirational pic for this week’s Foto Friday. I took this while walking to get coffee yesterday. I watched a donut store owner take time to spread a napkin and carefully break up a donut for the birds to consume. She then stepped away and watched for a moment of enjoyment. After a slight smile of satisfaction she went inside to tend the masses demanding their daily dose of carbs for the morning. I was inspired by how intentional she was about giving without expecting anything in return.

Her simple act reminded me to give often, give generously, and without expectations of anything. The only way to be a wealth of creative ideas is to give them away with no strings attached. Give the gift of your creativity to anyone who will listen. Do you horde your ideas in fear of never finding them again? The more you give it away, more is generated to replace it. Scarcity is the enemy of creativity. Embrace generosity and make it your best friend.