The Green Room

Posted on February 21, 2010


I can do what I love or I can love what I do. Learn to love the task in front of you. –DeWiitt Jones

You can’t fall in love with work unless you come to work with a full cup (full of love). It affects everything. –DeWiitt Jones

A bird sings not because it has an answer but b/c it has a song. –DeWiitt Jones

You never know what will happen when you love. By falling in love with the world you access creativity. –DeWiitt Jones

If you are a leader you are living a life of crisis. –Dan Allender

To bring your best as an artist, you must bring your worst (your pain and problems) –Dan Allender

To give up or close up as an artist is allowing death to win. We must wage war to express our art. –Dan Allender

The problem is that we brought in our celebrity culture as an artist to our teams. –Nancy Ortberg

Being a great leader means being vulnerable declaring ‘I am not a omnicompetent leader’. –Nancy Ortberg

Common mistake for leaders is confusing problems that need solving verses tensions that need managing. –Nancy Ortberg

As an artist/leader, a heart for compassion is not optional. –Jon Foreman

Don’t fear conflict, fear the silence. –Ross Parsley

I’m amazed with how beauty and wonder can inspire in dire situations. –Nancy Beach

As artist, we should be spies for truth, stories, and hope to share with the world. –Nancy Beach

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