Seth Godin live

Posted on February 16, 2010


Last week I had a great opportunity to see Seth Godin live at a one day session. Seth Godin is the author of great marketing and leadership books like Purple Cow, Tribes, Permission Marketing. It was an engaging presentation and I was very inspired. The evening focused on his newest book, Linchpin- you can read my review from my earlier post. Here are some of the great quotes from Seth: 

Is your job a platform for you to do art? What is the scary insight that has nothing to do with depending on a map?

Doing something 1st might get you laughed at but may also make a unique difference in the world

Teach our kids to solve interesting problems. Teach them to stand up and lead

Anxiety is the ability to experience failure in advance

Our primal tendency wants us to be more average than average, not to stand out or take risks

Artist have an abundance. The more they give away, the more they get. The problem is that it is scary and hard

Artists are the people we can’t live without. The ones that take risks. They give the world gifts. Brings people together

The person that is interfacing with the public is making the change, not the leaders, generals, or bosses

Just because the tide is out doesn’t mean there is less water in the ocean. It’s the same as the economy

Problem with factory workers: If I can write it down, I can find someone to do it cheaper

Artists are non-compliant workers that are irreplaceable in the system. Doing the work of a human being

Public schools adopted ‘factory thinking’ models. System taught you to fit in, not stand out

Problem with creativity: Factory thinking is about getting things done fast, cheap, and efficient

Linchpin: Make art, give gifts, do work that matters, connect, lead, ship, and make a difference

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