Made to Stick

Posted on January 12, 2010


I have enjoyed reading ‘Made to Stick’ by brothers Chip and Dan Heath. They share about key to making an idea successful is to make them ‘sticky’. Sticky ideas are understandable, memorable, and effective in changing thoughts and behavior. The problem; the curse of knowledge keeps our ideas from being sticky. I’ve really enjoyed this book and found it helpful in many arenas.

Here are the six qualities of sticky ideas. Remembered by ‘SUCCES’

  • Simple–the core message that is compact and profound. It functions more like a proverb than a sound bite.
  • Unexpected–get your audience’s attention and hold it by using surprise and mystery.
  • Concrete–make your idea understandable and memorable by breaking it down into terms that can be imagined by the senses.
  • Credible–help your audience believe and agree with your idea by using appropriate testimonies, statistics, and examples.
  • Emotional–get your audience to care about your idea by using specific examples of someone in need or by appealing the audience’s self-interest or sense of identity.
  • Stories–get people to take action by telling the right stories.

I went to a conference with the Heath brothers and really enjoyed listening to them. Here were some of my learnings.

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