Loren Cunningham: a man with a mission

Posted on December 12, 2009


For the past few days, I have been privileged to listen and learn from a great man, Loren Cunningham (pictured with wife Darlene). Our team was invited to spend time at the YWAM campus (Youth With A Mission) in Kona, Hawaii. Loren started YWAM almost 50 years ago

In the nearly 50 years since its inception, YWAM’s activities have expanded from youth-focused short-term evangelistic missionary journeys to include educational training, church planting, filmmaking, business as mission, and relief/development services. Today, YWAM involves people of every age group.

YWAM is now composed of people from over 150 countries and a large number of Christian denominations, with over half of the organization’s staff coming from “non-western” countries- Korea and Brazil being two of the biggest sources of volunteer leaders. YWAM currently has over 16,000 full-time volunteer workers in nearly 1,100 operating locations in 177 nations.

Here are some of the quotes from our time together:

YWAM’s  mission: To help youth discover and live their dreams

You can’t just love a soul but you have to love the whole person- feed, train, and build up

Be mindful of the little things in life. Sometimes the biggest doors are opened with the smallest keys

We are seeing a new generation emerge like the old gen of the past- young leaders willing to serve and sacrifice for global causes

In vulnerability you learn some of your greatest lessons

Sometimes when you step out in faith from a cliff, you have to hope a bridge will appear underneath you

We live in an amazing time in human history where there is no greater possibility for unity and collaboration

You have to emphasis where you ARE and where you are NOT in order to grow as an organization

Love is a choice, then the emotion follows (in context of helping the homeless)

We are all in a time of great weakness. Those that are stronger should be compelled to help the weaker

I was so impressed with the gentleness, humility, and wisdom from one of the last patriarchs of world missions. There are less and less leaders like Loren left in the world, people who have committed their whole life to loving the world sacrificial and relentlessly. I ended this trip with a hope that I may be able to leave behind a world-changing legacy like his. Regardless of what you believe spiritually or what religion you are, Loren Cunningham has proven that radical love is the one thing that can help this hurting world.

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