Crisis in slow motion

Posted on November 13, 2009


As creative leaders, crisis is inevitable. One day you are minding your own business, being creative, and leading as normal. When out of no where, crisis strikes you square in the face. It’s not a pretty, it hurts bad, and sometimes we look foolish when it happens. However, we live for the unexpected. I heard a bizarre but true quote one time:

Leaders get a perverse exhilaration in the midst of crisis.

As  leaders, this is what we do. We live for crisis. Like this video, sometimes you know it’s coming but all you can do is wait and take it on the chin. As a leader, it’s not a matter of avoiding getting hit, it’s what we do afterwards.

In leadership, whether incidental or accidental, blunt force trama is inevitable. But in a perverse way, your reaction can be a beautiful sight to others. It’s not the sexy part of the job but it’s a necessary part of leadership. Besides, who else will take the hits if not you?