Diversity has never been so beautiful

Posted on October 29, 2009



Coming from a design background, I have worked many years with ‘stock photography’ supply companies and websites. What ‘stock’ is defined as is an interesting idea to me. Stock implies what is in abundance, what is on the shelf, and what is in demand. Well in typical stock photography, it seems beautiful caucasian people is what is in overwhelming demand and in massive abundance. Now with websites like Blend Images, there can be an equal representation of the beauty offered by diversity. This is from one of their ads:

“Blend Images is the industry leader in multicultural stock photography, offering a fresh perspective on our global community. … Blend Images, making it easier than ever to lend creativity and diversity.” 

It is refreshing to see creativity and diversity valued in the same sentence. No doubt, Blend Images is mainly out to make a buck, but it is still significant progress in the marketing and advertising world. If you are a designer and caucasian, you might not have ever thought about this. If you are a creative minority then you most likely have. What is beautiful needs to be redefined in ALL arenas. When we can embrace the cultural complexity of our world, we can begin to experience a new level of creativity.

Check out their stock photography at BlendImages.com

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