Father/son reflections

Posted on October 27, 2009



This past weekend, my wife and daughter went out of town to visit some family. This left me son and I home for a father/son weekend. He is 4 1/2 and the younger of my two children. This would be the first time we would have an uninterupted ‘male bonding’ experience since he has been able to walk and talk.

I was a little distracted going into the weekend because of being in a rushed frenzy trying to wrap up work and get my family off to the airport. On Friday I was even hit with a crippling migraine which made matters worst. But once the dust settled from the mayhem, Hayden and I were able to spend quality time together over a various activities. We crammed in all sorts of play that only boys (even grown up one!) would appreciate. I even introduced him to his first Playstation game, which he is now an offcial addict. There were some comical ‘dad ‘moments like forgetting to give him a bath by day 3, forgetting his shoes while we were out, and forgetting his ball for soccer practice. I have a new found appreciation for my wife’s multi-tasking skills.

There were also tender moments when he would sneak into my bed at the crack of dawn and I would tell him stories as he was falling a sleep at bedtime. During the days we talked about superheroes, his friends, the Dallas Cowboys, and how God could be everywhere at once. It was a sweet time.

I was strongly reminded of the importance of time with those that you love. For this past weekend, I was blessed with the undivided attention and complete admiration from another person. Not everyone has this chance (or ever will) and I didn’t want to take it for granted. I know that my investment in this little life will impact him for hopefully many years to come. As creative leaders, we have the chance to impact in the lives of those around us. It may be family but it also might be the tribe of people you live your life in. You have been blessed with the opportunity to invest and inspire a circle of artist, leaders, and servants, that can make a difference in this world. The key is quality time.

I was grateful for my weekend with my son and I hope that my reflections and lessons will encourage you to seek quality time with those placed in your life.