Size really does matter…

Posted on October 20, 2009


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We are so small.
These visuals are a great example how our perspective can be so limited and microscopic. After recently spending some time with local and international leaders, I was reminded of how small my problems really are in the grand scheme of things. In the midst of stress and confusion, it’s so easy to be overwhelmed and sacrifice the big picture. It’s not too long before the micro overtakes the macro. I heard a great quote one time:

“When in the trenches for a long time, the edge of the hole can be mistaken as the horizon” 

Even visionary leaders are not exempt from becoming myopic at times. A few things I have done to help me gain perspective during times of near-sightedness:

  •  Walk away and allow for cooler heads to prevail. If you can afford it, let the situation sit for 24 hours. Time brings perspective.
  • Seek trusted councel. Ask those that have experience to help remind you of  the big picture.
  • Express! Take time to write, paint, dance, sing, or play. Allowing your mind to explore accesses your right brain providing you with new problem solving abilitieis.
  • Silence, solitutde, prayer and meditation. This isn’t easy for many of us but you will be surprised what will emerge by just being quiet. 
  • Truth is in stories. By learning about the journey of other, you can glean wisdom of generation of leaders by reading their stories. Take advantage

We live in an extrodinary time with the opportunty to touch lives anywhere in the world. Creative leadership is in the highest demand more than ever in the business and non-profit sectors. Don’t allow yourself to lose sight of the fact that you can make a difference in this world by keeping a big picture perspective.

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