Unleashing Beauty in 3 days

Posted on October 6, 2009


At Unleashing Beauty (Oct 10th), you will get a chance to hear some honest dialogue between two prophetic leaders and cultural architects, Erwin McManus and Dave Gibbons. When these two get together, some amazing converations emerge that will BLOW YOUR MIND. You do not want to miss this free event coming to the OC this Saturday. The following is an excerpt from an earlier conversation between them from June 09- to give you a little taste of this event.

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How to avoid burnout?

  • Erwin: There are lots of lost people that live honorable lives and lot of Christians that don’t
  • Burnout- It’s about escape (that’s why someone kills their wife instead of divorcing); pastors want to get out so they self-destruction
  • Burnout is about doing something you don’t love way too much
  • When you do something you love, you become “addicted” (like athletes who get addicted to pain and practice)
  • Listen to your soul (it’s ok to change; take ownership); I once was this person but now I’m not; we don’t give each other an out
  • Don’t do things b/c you like the outcome idea, but b/c the process is rewarding
  • Primary movement of life is from illusion to reality (figure out a way to penetrate the illusions, and then you found something that’s a treasure; then it’ll help you live a fruitful life)
  • Create space for people and activity that energizes you (ministry isn’t supposed to just be “our cross that we must bear” but what are you doing that energizes you in realm of God’s will)
  • 1. Find out who and what energizes you
  • 2. Be intentional about having people speak into your life (what can I change about myself? What do you see in me?)
  • 3. What did you hear God say?

What and who inspires you in terms of culture/global?

  • Creates environments are created (read about transitions): you’ll begin to see how people shift from a reality they once had to a reality that long to see.
  • Twitter: a world of conversations in a safe place (people can learn to trust you)
  • Eriwn on Human Communication – we can listen and hear a human being before they even speak (we can connect with their consciousness): peel what is inside of people out (you can hear what people are speaking to you); communication is not all about what they have to say, rather than focusing on what do you need to listen to and know that will shape your communication.

What do you care about?

  • Dave: It depends where I am and who I’m with
  • Erwin: sunny outside, will our kids do well in school -> Erwin realized that most people don’t disagree with my beliefs, but why don’t they act and do what the believe?
  • “We all believe same things but don’t care about the same things.”
  • Filter out what you believe is irrelevant. You must only do about what you care about

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