Jeph Loeb at the Long Beach Comic Con

Posted on October 5, 2009



This past weekend, I had a chance to enjoy the 1st Annual Long Beach Comic Con. It was a junior version of its much grander predecessor the San Diego CC. As humble as it was, there were still some very enjoyable aspects that I was able to glean from the experience. I really enjoyed ‘writing panel’ with screenwriter and producer Jeph Leob. Besides writing for major comic book characters such as Batman, Loeb has also been a part of TV mega hits like Lost, Smallville, and Heroes. Here are a few quotes from this creative leader:

Really lean into the strength of your team. Be a fanboy (or girl) of the talent that you work with.

The first 5 mins (not the last) of whatever you do (write, comics, tv) has to be the coolest thing ever or you lose your audience.

(in art) Dismiss one person’s criticism, if two criticize you should start to question, if three- there is a problem.

The more work and more prepared you are in the beginning, the better the creative process will be throughout.

You have to win at accomplishing deadlines. A lot of people can create but very few follow through.

An artist/writer has two thousand bad pages in them first. You have to get it out and it will eventually pay off.

It’s all about exposure. The key is to get as many people as possible to see your work. Take advantage of technology.

The key to start writing. Find someone else that is as hungry as you are and pair up together. Tell a compelling story.

Don’t let anyone stop you from pursuing your dreams. Only stop when YOU say it’s time to stop (when really that should never be). 

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