Why Unleashing Beauty Oct 10th?

Posted on September 28, 2009



I used to be a conference junky, going to every and any conference that remotely held my interest. I’ve been to a multitude of arts, leadership, technology, and nerd conferences over the years. While I have gleaned much knowledge and have met some great leaders, I feel that the age of conferences are over- at least the typical conference experience.

The past 10-15 years, conferences were about gathering as many people as possible around a common interest, goal, or occupation. It was about the big, large, and grandiose. There is nothing wrong with large crowds, it’s just that legitimacy has often been attached to conferences with staggering numbers of attendees, big budgets, and large venues. A new conference economy has emerged. One where the ‘group’ is organizing in smaller, more maneuverable tribes. These tribes are more spontaneous, more agile, and more adaptable. These are pretty good characteristics considering this current downturn economic environment. Because of the onset of new technologies, the tribe can now mobilize easier based on relationship, trust, and word of mouth. We gather now not out of opportunity but desire. We want to be together and that is changing how conferences are being organized.

The free Unleashing Beauty conference (@ Newsong Church on Oct 10th) is about tribes of community changers gathering for one purpose: To unleash love in our local, global, and online communities. Instead of retreating away for a week to some far away land, Unleashing Beauty is creating a focused one day experience to inspire, challenge, and ignite passions for you to go make a difference in your world. 

A couple of phenomenal global leaders will be there: Dave Gibbons and Erwin MacManus. They are social entrepeneurs, community activist, and justice champions- You won’t want to miss them. This free one day conference will be composed of large group sessions, workshops, and interactive experiences. (Register below)

Why Unleashing Beauty is for you:

  1. Unleashing Beauty is Diverse
    • It’s rare to find conferences that have diverse leaders from around the world. During Unleashing Beauty, leaders from countries including Thailand, England, India, Mexico, China, and Korea will be present to facilitate conversations about global care for the things that resonate close to the heart of God.
  2. Unleashing Beauty is Inclusive
    • This conference is NOT just for church leaders. In fact, many of the sessions will be facilitated by people who lead businesses, organizations, and movements. The heart of this conferences seeks to integrate the entire church towards becoming God’s beautiful expressions of love to the world.
  3. Unleashing Beauty is Accessible
    • This conference was designed so that everyone could come to the table. Yes, it’s absolutely FREE for YOU! Organizers are picking up the tab on the cost of putting together an event like this. Loving the generosity. Also, if you live too far away to be there in person to experience, you can join the event online at www.global.newsong.net.
  4. Unleashing Beauty is Timely
    • One of the hopes of Unleashing Beauty is to inspire and provide practical tools for many, especially during these difficult times, to re-imagine and re-center who God has called them to be. There’s great anticipation about how God will use this event to refresh, renew, and inspire new directions for people seeking change.
  5. Unleashing Beauty is Outward
    • Unleashing Beauty is designed to inspire and encourage leaders to continue to move outwardly in their faith expression through tangible generosity, compassionate justice, and city-care. There will be numerous examples of how people are practically engaging their respective cities (all around the world) with their families, churches, organizations, and businesses.

I really hope to see you there!

The following is information describing the heart and focus on the event along with other important details found at www.unleashingbeauty.net: