I almost stole today…

Posted on September 26, 2009



I was in a toy store today with the kids when I came across this sign. It was at eye level hanging in front of the merchandise. I’m sure glad that sign was there because it helped me resist my ‘klepto-maniac’ tendency. Why do we need a sign that essentially says, ‘you will be arrested if you steal’? I would think in this day and age that it’s a given that we know this. This is similiar to the ‘seat belt’ procedure that we all go through every time when boarding a plane. Really?!?!

Once again, instead of taking the opportunity to communicate something positive to their fans, the owner would rather interrupt my time with a threatening message to the deviants. Instead, if the owner must put a sign up, how about saying “thanks for not shoplifting, you win a free smile!” Another foiled opportunity to interact with the fans.

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