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Posted on September 23, 2009


Heavy Load

Creative leaders know that the craft of creativity is not always easy. Being creative ‘on demand’ can be a very exhausting and emptying experience. Even though we all have different ways to approach a solution, we all share the common pain of the journey. The mantel of responsibility to be creative is not a light load and the burden wears us down. However we must remember that the completion of our creativity wasn’t the point anyways was it? It was the process AND the product that defines our art. All the chapters in our creative story is what brings us our satisfaction not just the conclusion. So I encourage my fellow creative leaders to embrace the pain and love every step of the way.
Live passionately, defeat the status quo, and die empty 

by Tiffany Little

Pounding head . . .
my brain tearing
For just one shred

of inspiration.

my fists beating
on this dum block

that stops me.

Not going any where.
My flow slowing
Nothing new is

Ever gunna grow.


In my tracks,
Though I rack
My tiny mind.

Just cant find the . . . .
Where’s the match?
Start the burning
Stop this yearning.

HELP me find my creativity.

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