Not enough time!

Posted on September 21, 2009



I took a poll over the weekend about the Ostacles of Creativity blog post. The results varied from fear of failure, lack of support, or lack of inspiration. We are all different with unique challenges that hinder our creative potential. However, I do believe that a significant amount of creative excuses are self imposed. In the survey, almost 50% indicated that lack of time was the biggest opponent in their creative battle. How do you create when you have no margins during the day?

We have to remember that time is a ‘zero sum gain’. it’s equal to everyone. Whether we are Steven Spielberg, Seth Godin, and Bono, we all start with the same amount of time in a given day. No one has an advantage but everyone makes decisions on how a quick 24 hours is spent. It’s not a quantity but a quality problem. In our continual quest to be brilliant and healthy, we must resist the temptation of placing responsibility on non-negotiable factors like time. It’s not changing so we better get used to it. Take responsibility of how you spend every waking moment. There are no victims of schedules, just volunteers.

My challenge to us all this week is to not allow self imposed excuses to hinder our creative potential. Sit down this morning and write the blog post, doodle on a napkin, voice record a melody, sculpt with Playdough, or imagine an experience. Your masterpiece is just waiting to be created and the only thing stopping it is you.