Shame on Barnes and Noble

Posted on September 14, 2009


The other day I decided to work from Barnes & Noble because I needed to search for some creative resources. Like several of their stores, I have noticed this sign outside of the bathrooms:


The big sign takes up the majority of the small table, no doubt some genius upstairs though of this one. Unless you have a paperback novel, your book will plummet to the floor like mine did. The last thing I want to do when coming out of the bathroom is pick something off of the ground. This isn’t just a fluke, I’ve seen several stores with this same arrangement. Ironic that an organization dedicated to the nobility of the written word would treat their books so irreverently.

How inspirering would it be if the books were left on a pedestal of a giant royal pillow? It would be fun and whimsical but more importantly, give them a chance to share how much they love the craft of books. It’s a little missed opportunity this giant conglomerate had to interact with customers in a creative and unique way.

At the very least they should make enough room to treat their own books respectfully.

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