The Creative Leader Manifesto

Posted on September 10, 2009



The Manifesto is from a great online community called Accidental Creative with Todd Henry. AC”s goal is to empower artist to live lives that are prolific, brilliant, and healthy. I have found the resources and podcasts to be very helpful in my development as a creative leader. The purpose of the Manifesto is to bring alignment to the Accidental Creative community. I have committed to it- if you are interested in being prolific, brilliant, and healthy, so should you. There website is below.

1. We create. Everyday. Not because we have to, but because we can’t help it. We empty ourselves because that’s what artists do.

2. We are brilliant at what we do, but what we do does not define us.

3. We understand that our vocation is bigger than our occupation. We’re on this earth to do more than earn a paycheck.

4. We are committed to growth. We do not tolerate stagnancy, because it’s the first sign of death.

5. We are committed to healthy creating. We recognize that to be prolific for a long time involves intentionality, choice and discipline.

6. We know the value of what we make, and we refuse to prostitute ourselves to organizations. We make career decisions based upon who we are not what everyone else would do in our situation.

7. We are always looking for ideas. We are focused, curious and passionate about life, because life is art.

8. We refuse to play the victim. We are proactive and responsible for our own creative health.

9. We are generous because we are free. We know that the goal is to act on the best idea, whether or not it’s our own. We build other people up, even when they don’t reciprocate.

10. We are committed to relationships. We recognize that healthy creating will come out of vibrant relationships.

Check out the Accidental Creative website and join the community!