24 hour inspiration

Posted on August 31, 2009


I spent a quick 24 hours in LA with my wife celebrating our 12 year anniversary. Since we both are lovers of art and architecture, we spent the day sondering through LA’s finest museums. I have some thoughts on innovation and art but first, here are a few pics of what we experienced:

The Frank Gehry Disney Hall and the Museum of Contemporary Art…



Stunning paintings by Rothko, Kline, and Pollock…




Here are a few  ‘inspiration’ moments I had on this brief encounter with such beauty:

  • Art can touch the past and present together like nothing else can. Art is like a climbing rope that connects and harneses artists together as we climb the mountain of art. Through these art pieces, I can see the pain, joy, struggle, praise, and criticism that embodies them. It’s a common theme that all fine artist share. I feel these artist ‘know me’ in ways ‘real’ people don’t.
  • Creativity is subjective. In contemorary art, the work  is almost irrelevant- it’s all about sovereignty and intentionality. Completing a work with strong intentions says more than the actual art itself. It’s less about what does it say and more about what YOU are saying. In this day and age, that’s important to remember.
  • Innovation is so fleeting. Frank Gehry’s organic steel designs are remarkable because of it’s setting. If all the buildings around it looked like that then it would go unnoticed. Often times, artist want to create something completely original when really what’s needed is ‘soft’ innovation or new context. Creativity is less about original ideas and more about the new combination of old ideas.
  • I am always amazed with how art elevates my spiritual awareness. I believe creation is a sacred act. Regardless of views of evolution, we are the only creatures that are compelled to create art. As an artist, I believe when you birth something, you are most like God.
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