Bill Hybels concluding remarks at the Leadership Summit

Posted on August 28, 2009


Bill Hybels01

Here is part IX and the concluding remarks from this year’s Leadership Summit in Chicago. Bill Hybels, Lead Pastor of the host site Willow Creek Church challenged the assortment of leaders to be courageous and not lose heart. It was an amazing conference and I immediately experienced the impact in my life. Here are my notes from that last session:

What is your irreducible leadership core? What are the things that you WILL NOT compromise on?

Leadership could mean big glorious initiatives but it might mean making small, little decisions daily. Those are important too.

Read something good and profitable 30 minutes a day. Keep it simple.

Review your replenishment strategy often. Decide if you are too depleted to continue.

Maybe you can decide to say ‘yes’ to God EVERY TIME God prompts you to act. You will surprised where it will go.

As a leader, your life matters. You have one life to develop your potential. You have one shot to do it. Don’t waste it.

Your opportunity as a leader will one day be over. No regrets. What are you living for? What race are you running?

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