Tony Blair at the Leadership Summit

Posted on August 23, 2009


Tony Blair

Here is part VIII of my notes from this year’s Leadership Summit in Chicago. The final interview of the conference was with the former Prime Minister Tony Blair. He seemed very down the earth and seemed very humble . Here are my notes from that session:

I remember the first time I had to public speak, I was fearful and intimidates but I knew it was right.

Sometimes conventional wisdom is the wrong thing to do.

It’s easier to be popular than right. Being right is hard and scary.

You have to be prepared to ‘walk away’. This position as Prime Minister is important but not more than my values

Doubt is positive, but there is a time when you have to be able and willing to making decisions.

Your role as a leader is to decide- someone has to. If you don’t a non-leader will.

Q: Has your faith affected your politics? A: Actually, faith should affect everything.

There is a different between tactic vs strategy. Tactics will involve compromise but you have to stay committed to strategy.

You can’t forget how blessed and lucky we are to lead- even in the midst of pain and criticism.

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