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Posted on August 20, 2009


District09 GIjoeVsTrans comic_con_logo

If you don’t already know, besides creative leadership, I am passionate about movies and pop culture. I look forward to summer time because so many innovative and groundbreaking movies are released week after week. Unfortunatley, sometimes they are very disappointing movies, you never know and that’s why it’s so exciting. Well from my movie review site, BabbleOn 5, our new ‘podcast’ section has been officially launched. The first edition of podcasts include District 9, Transformers 2, GI Joe, and the San Diego Comic Con.

Movies are a great source of creative inspiration and I love nothing more than sitting with my movie colleagues and babbling about the art of cinema. Check it out and I hope you let me know what you think. Thanks!

Click here to go to my BabbleOn 5 podcast page.

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