Bono of U2 at the Leadership Summit

Posted on August 17, 2009



Here is part VII of my notes from this year’s Leadership Summit in Chicago. Before Bill Hybel’s interview of U2’s Bono, he said this quote in regards to how to approach global aid to those in need.

“Immediate life saving acts of compassion AND  life saving sustainable development are both needed at the same time.”

Bono came to the Leadership Summit for the first time three years ago challenging leaders to champion the cause for aid to third world countries. The stories of change since that time was very inspirational. A community can make a difference if leaders step up. There was a mutual respect between Bono and Hybels and it was refreshing to see the collaboration of a legendary pop culture icon and a Evangelical mega-church pastor. Here were some quotes from the interview:

The president didn’t put a man on the moon because we as a country wanted it, he did because we needed it. Vision leads.

Before I thought the church was the sleeping giant, but once it awoke, I had no idea how fast she could run.

I love that the church is starting to lead from the front and not from the rear (on the issue of AIDS)

In the global village, Africa is just down the street. They are our neighbor, what are we going to do for our neighbor?

I wrote ‘The Streets Have No Name’ 20 years ago. I just realized the song was about the dying kids of Africa.

Intuition is so much better than intellect. U2 is so much better when we have no idea what we are doing.

In a crisis we can find a billion dollars to save the banks but little to save the poor across the world.

Hybels asked, ‘Bono, for someone who loves the church, I’m frustrated that you stay so far from the church, why?’
Bono responds ‘I don’t like the denominational-ism of church. I can’t stand the lifeless ceremony of church. I want honesty and humility’

The church should stand up for things instead of standing against things. It should stand for justice and compassion.

There is always resistance on the journey of equality. Don’t be surprised.

My impossible vision that I am committed to is the end poverty and sickness for children.

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