The apartheid of District 9

Posted on August 15, 2009


District 9 03

At Comic Con this year, I was very excited after seeing a sneak peek of a movie produced by Peter Jackson called District 9. This near future, sci-fi action/drama tells the story of the an alien race being forcibly removed from their current homes of 30 years in South Africa and moved to another location by the world governments. We experience the drama first hand through a human character in charge of the removal and relocation of the aliens. This movie has the grim echo of apartheid from 50 years ago. It’s even set in the same location of South Africa. Although I have not seen this movie yet, the preview I saw was very promising. I especially  like when the audience is faced with  moral or ethical dilemmas, in this case, is racism really dead? Even though, we have evolved as a nation, how quickly could we return to some form of bigotry or prejudice? I hope this movie stirs up those questions in our hearts- and I hope it’s just plain good! In a summer of disappointing movies, a smart experience will be a pleasant change of pace.

I plan to watch it on Sunday so check back for a review. Here is a mini-documentary for it to get you interested:

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