Chip & Dan Heath at the Leadership Summit

Posted on August 13, 2009




Here is part VI of my notes from this year’s Leadership Summit in Chicago. 

Why do some ideas thrive while others die? And how do we improve the chances of worthy ideas? In Made to Stick, accomplished educators and idea collectors Chip and Dan Heath tackle head-on these vexing questions. Inside, the brothers Heath reveal the anatomy of ideas that “stick” and explain sure-fire methods for making ideas stickier, such as violating schemas, using the Velcro Theory of Memory, and creating “curiosity gaps.”. Here are my notes from their session:

Change is filled with conflict within each of us- we want to save or spend, control or let go. What do you do?

There are Elephants in our lives that seem impossible to move (or change). How do you do it?

Ignore the majority initiatives that are mediocre – focus on the 1 and 2 things that really work. Study and clone it!

The bright spots in your organization prove to you (& others) that it can be done- ignore your failures.

Big problems are rarely solved with big solutions but rather a bunch of small solutions

Small change provides small motivation for your team. Then progress on the big problem is soon to follow.

When starting a new project, U first experience HOPE, then the VALLEY of INSIGHT, then finally CONFIDENCE.

Leadership is like a muscle to work out- with that comes a tolerance of failure. Be empowered to FAIL!

The ‘Growth Mindset’ means accepting that failure is a warning sign of success.

Sometimes Leaders need to just provide the simple gift of TIME for followers to do the right thing. Provide space.

Example; Society has made it ‘easy’ to get married. So engineer the circumstance to make it easy for your team.

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