Jessica Jackley & KIVA at the Leadership Summit

Posted on August 10, 2009



Here is the continuation of my notes from this year’s Leadership Summit in Chicago. The Summit was inspirational, challenging, and insightful. Here are the notes from Co-Founder Jessica Jackley of KIVA– a non-profit organization started to help load money to the needy internationally. Through small donations as little as $25, KIVA has already raised over $80 million dollars in four years alone to help resource the impoverish across the globe. She is a delightful, inspirational, and a courageous leader.

  • started in 2005
  • Kiva has lent and repaid over $84 million dollars in four years.
  • “Humans are fundamentally better than banks.”
  • Kiva is the first person-to-person web based internet lending service.
  • will exceed $100 million dollars in loans by 2010.
  • Over 200,000 people in 183 countries have received loans.

Here are some leadership thoughts from Jackley:


KIVA-The average loan size for needy family is between $500-$600 and the percentage rate of repayment is 98.5 %

By year four, unleashes over $85 million per year to help the under resourced world wide!

It’s not a matter of whose job it is, but who is the best person to do the job. KIVA utilizes the power of a flat organization.

We believe in the power ‘co-creation’. It’s like ‘herding cats’ but who says that’s bad?

Innovation is a life giving idea. The church should have the biggest most creative ideas in the world. Safety fosters creation.

If you can perpetuate the culture it creates ownership… people see value in what they do.

There are bosses… over 40 staff and 100’s of volunteers… there is structure and good management, but when you’re trust-based you get a lot more done.

If you believe in co-creation you have to give up control… of your brand and who you are.

If a company comes with lots of money and no humans behind it, void of connection, they turn the money down… it would take away from their mission.

After Jackley left the stage, moderator and leader Nancy Beach said “I don’t know about you, but I just want to get with some people and solve something!” Well said.

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