Bill Hybels at the Leadership Summit

Posted on August 9, 2009


Bill Hybels

Here is the continuation of my notes from this year’s Leadership Summit in Chicago. The Summit was inspirational, challenging, and insightful. Here are the notes from Lead Pastor of Willow Creek Church and host of the Summit:

What do your followers and peers see when looking at you? Are you exhausted and fearful?

The pace I was doing the work of God was destroying the work of God in me.

In a downturn economy, it forces you to be reminded why you are gifted to lead.

Crisis creates a perverse exhilaration for leaders. Leaders see new needs and challenges as a chance to step up.

Even in this downturn economy, people will give $, resources, and time generously to a compelling vision.

Are you attracting a staff that are fully yielded, passionate, optimistic? Are you allowing them to soar?

Great leaders carry with them great flaws. That’s normal. Don’t be surprised when you see it in yourself or others.

We should always get better as leaders, but If we neglect helping the poor, then we have failed as leaders- period!

You should take a portion of your profits and commit it to the poor. Ask yourself what is the right thing to do?

Review your replenishment strategy often. Decide if you are too depleted to continue.

As a leader, your life matters. You have one life to develop your potential. You have one shot to do it. Don’t waste it.

Your opportunity as a leader will one day be over. No regrets. What are you living for? What race are you running.

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