The Leadership Summit 09

Posted on August 3, 2009


Lead Where You Are

This week I am off to Chicago, IL to attend the annual Leadership Summit hosted by Willow Creek Church. This is an annual gathering of world leaders led by world leaders. The speakers include business people, community developers, politicians, artists, authors, and pastors. A couple of the speakers include Bono and the former Prime Minister Tony Blair. The vision of the summit is to help YOU lead where you are.

Personally, when I attended my first Leadership Summit over 10 years ago, it irrevocably changed my perspective about the potential of leadership. The world can change, but only through the force, inspiration, and creativity of leadership. It won’t come through anyone sector, but from a collaboration of world wide leadership. I am so excited to attend- so check back for blog and Twitter updates. Check out this clip from Author and Senior Pastor Bill Hybels  as he talks about why Bono is sharing at this Summit.

This event is being broadcasted in over 140 areas across the world! If you live in Orange County, you have to attend the local broadcast hosted at The Crossing Church (Costa Mesa) on Aug 6-7. It’s about $100 to attend AND well worth the investment. Climb the summit, you won’t regret it.

To read more about the local Leadership Summit @ The Crossing in Costa Mesa, CA.
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Leadership Summit @ Willow Creek  in Chicago.

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