The rise of New Socialism

Posted on July 16, 2009


I scanned this article from last month’s WIRED Magazine. The article talked about a shift to an ‘open source’, peer-production society and its effect on society. It asked the questions of what kind of impact does Craig’s List and Wikipedia have on our culture and leadership. ‘Tribes’ (by Seth Godin) is the new workhorse fueling new movements everyday. Twitter embraces the value of sharing ideas openly, encouraging others to ‘copy’ or retweet those precious ideas. Personally on Twitter, I am hoping someone ‘steals’ my ideas verses hording it for myself. At nearly every turn, the power of sharing, cooperation, collaboration, openness, free pricing, is reshaping our minds and leadership. The article concludes asking; does anyone actually think that this new virtual socialistic world would not affect our businesses, and churches? If collaboration and open sharing is so easy to do it online, why is it so hard to do it face to face? The change is already happening, the question is are you holding on the the old ways or contributing to the future?

This graphic below compares the old way of building verses New Socialism: