The Spirit of America

Posted on July 13, 2009



On my vacation to Chicago, I visited the Museum of Science and Industry. There they had the ‘Spirit of America’ rocket car on display. This science fiction looking rocket ship was created and driven by inventor Craig Breedlove.

Born in 1937 Breedlove was a car enthusiast since childhood. Getting his first car at age 13 he begin his life of car modifications that would ‘drive’ him towards a record-breaking career. By the time he legallly able to drive at 16, he was testing out his supercharged Ford V-8 in the Mohave Dessert at speeds of over 150 mph. He was a young man obsessed with speed. He lived his entire life to invent new engine technologies and to break records. It wasn’t about school, training, or the economy (remember this is in a pre-jet engine, post WWII world), but about an unquenchable passion for adventure.


By 1965, his dreams were finally realozed when the Spirit of America broke land records by reaching 600 mph. He became the fastest man alive. Breedlove continued his ‘need for speed’ by breaking the record 4 more times. At age 72, Breedlove is attempting to develope a car to break the current record at just under 800 mph!

Creative leaders pursue the unattainable. They are ferociously committed to risk. They fail a lot. And they never quit pursuing new dreams, even till the end of their lives. I hope I can live like that. My 4 year old son was with me on this trip and I committemnt is to model to him a lifestyle of breaking records and fulfilling dreams.


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