Sex sells but Oscar lasts forever

Posted on June 30, 2009



Jennifer Connelly(Blood Diamond, House of Sand and Fog)  has been a long time favorite actress of mine. Her acting  intensity and diversity has allowed her to be viewed beyond just her natural beauty. She is critically acclaimed and won an Oscar for best supporting actress for Beautiful Mind in 2001. But while on her road to success she had to make a choice- to pursue the easy way or the hard way. Early in her career she used her sexuality to play typical seductive and temptress roles in numerous movies. In an interview I watched with James Lipton, she said she reached a pivotal moment in her career about her craft and conscience:

“I came to a point when I realized I wasn’t acting in movies that I wanted to see”

Connelly changed her path and chose the harder route for success. She stopped using her body and started using her heart. Years later she was holding an Oscar in front of millions and forever immortalized in Academy Awards history. Beautiful faces and bodies enter Hollywood by the truck loads. True conviction, passion, and heart is harder to find. I believe the pain of her past choices drove her to re-invent herself in new ways.

How about you? Maybe you rely on your good looks or natural talent as the easy road to success. Do you create a product you wouldn’t normally choose to buy? Do you work for a company that you wouldn’t normally choose to do business with? Do you work for a church that you wouldn’t normally be a member of if it wasn’t for your job? Are you in a relationship with a person just because it’s easier than being alone?

Are you picking the easy or hard route? The easy is fleeting but the harder route last much longer. The easy is also the ‘default’ choice when we are not intentional. We all have to choose, so be careful. 

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