Get help, give help

Posted on June 21, 2009


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For Father’s Day weekend, I was charged with the job of replacing the torn screen door. The result of destructive abuse from my two toddlers. It was not exactly a project worthy of artisan skills, but was needed nevertheless. Call me old school, but even though I am technologically experienced, I’m still amazed with the vast amount of information available on the web for simple and mundane projects. I  just searched for ‘how to replace screen door’ and a multitude of links popped up. The most helpful was a series of videos with the step by step process to assist me. It’s amazing how much more knowledge I was empowered with within just a few minutes. Thanks to the web, I bought the supplies and finished the project in 30 minutes.

Someone had to think up the need to post the 5 videos that I watched. They new it wasn’t sexy or artistic but that someone would benefit from their initiative. It motivated me to not just get information but to give information. That’s the only way the web works, by giving as well as getting. Have you ever posted anything to help others? You should post something, no matter how obscure it might be. Your tip, trick, or trade may not be the most innovative or viewed page on the web but chances are eventually someone will benefit from it. So stop focusing on how original you are and give back in your own unique way. 

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