5 Dysfunctions of Teams

Posted on June 13, 2009



Sorry I have been away this week and not regularly blogging. I have been at the Willow Creek Arts Conference (Pic is of me hosting) hanging with arts leaders from all over the world. It was a very encouraging and inspirational experience. The next few days, I will post some of my artistic and leadership learnings.

I went to Nancy Ortberg’s workshop called “Leading high functioning and healthy teams’. She is a consultant and partner with author Patrick Lencioni. In her workshop, she shares from Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of Team.

The 5 dysfunctions of teams:

  1. Absence of trust. You should be vulnerable
  2. Fear of conflict- You should demand debate. Conflict avoidance creates mediocrity. Conflict should be a team issue. You are building a ‘team’ culture not a ‘one on one’ conflict
  3. Lack of commitment- You should force clarity and closure
  4. Avoidance of Accountability- You should confront difficult issues If you cannot lead meetings don’t be a leader
  5. Inattention to results- You should focus on collective outcomes. How well do you do an autopsy?

Here is a link to a Google book of 5 Dysfunctionn of Team.