My top 5 spiritual movies

Posted on May 31, 2009



  1. Saving Private Ryan– I loves the idea of a teacher, traveling with his men, risking life and limb, all for one man. It was a great picture of what Jesus would go through to save us, even to the point of death.
  2. Magnolia– A sobering picture of our loneliness and depravity. We are our own worst enemy and sometimes it takes an unexplainable miracle for change to occur.
  3. Glory– This movie really depicted the spiritual battle we fight. It’s feels like a cold, long war with many casualties. All we have are our brothers and a cause for freedom. Are we willing to die for a cause worth living for?
  4. Crash– Another powerful and convicting story of how deep our hatred for is for people unlike ourselves. Barriers of relationships are all around and even those with good intentions can easily make the worst assumptions. Loving your neighbor will always be hard.
  5. 21 Grams– Named for the myth stating that the human soul weighs 21 grams, this movie is about death, dying grieving, and atonement. The life we have is a gift, no matter how short it is.

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