I would love to see you angry!

Posted on May 29, 2009



I’ve been in a superhero mood lately so here is another super inspired blog post.

As a kid one of my favorite TV shows was the Incredible Hulk. Bill Bixby starred as the mild David Banner, a scientist in search of unlocking the human potential. A freak radiation accident, resulted in David Banner’s transformation into the infamous, green skinned Hulk. After some provoking by the antagonist, the Hulk would dish out justice and oppressed would be freed. The Hulk would then return back to his mild mannered state as David Banner.

We all have a ‘David Banner’ in each of us. We limit our potential based on our mild manner ways. The David Banner in us says ‘no,that is too hard…’ and we give up. But I also believe God has put a ‘Hulk’ in us as well. The Hulk says ‘no, I will not stand for it anymore…’ and pushes us into action. Whether it’s tackling a big home renovation project, helping someone in need, or taking on a global cause, we all need the Hulk to help us achieve.

I am continually amazed with what people can accomplish even in extreme circumstances. It might be renovating on a dime, a single mom working two jobs, or sacrificially giving $ to a stranger who is struggling. There are Hulk heroes all around us saving the lives of those in need. The world desperately needs your heroic passions. We know it’s sometimes hard to find your place but don’t give up- the Hulk certainly wouldn’t.

 So put a new spin on ‘going green’ and release the Hulk for the sake of others.

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