Another failure in customer service

Posted on May 23, 2009



Today I went to mail the painting I have been working on. It was Saturday so it was busy at the Post Office forcing me to wait over 45 minutes in line. Since I was mailing a canvas, the package was over-sized and looked like I was sending  a small table. I finally made it to the counter to discover that the package was to big by a few inches! (*sigh*) So let me get this straight, the United States Postal Service, does not have the ability to mail my big box? There was no other option, I was just out of luck. The very ‘matter of fact’ postal worker suggested I try UPS. I arrived at UPS 10 minutes later and my package was mailed 5 minutes after that.

It’s amazing to me that the largest mailing service in the world did not have an alternative solution to meet my needs. The purpose of the USPS is to mail things.  This is their specialty. This is the ONLY thing they do- unless it’s too big. This reminds me, one time I asked for chicken at KFC but they didn’t have any- but that’s another blog. Instead, the United States Postal Service best problem solving resulted in a suggestion to try their competitor.

I hope and pray the organization that I am working for now and in the future, will never have to suggest a competitor. Whatever it is you primarily do, do it no matter what. Don’t have limitations. Specializing in extreme cases is exactly what you should do best.

Your business and church should be viewed as the ‘problem solver’, not the ‘referral maker’.

Remember, your competitor will always be  just 10 mins around the corner, waiting to mop up after your failures.

Here is an example of great customer service.