Wonder ’09

Posted on May 18, 2009



“Many, oh Lord, are the wonders you have done…”
To experience wonder is to take a step closer to God. Wonder springs spontaneously from a sunset, a child’s laugh or scripture found at a time of need. It blossoms in moments… sacred interludes where the world’s cares fade and God speaks afresh to the heart.

Yet too often, the legacy of New Testament Christians who were daily “filled with awe”, lies dormant, buried under busyness, tradition, irreverence and fear. In our fast-paced world, God’s summon toward wonder couldn’t be more relevant or more needed.

We invite you to experience Wonder 09: Wllow Creek Arts Conference:

  • Transcendent moments that usher worshippers, young and old, into God’s presence.
  • God’s spirit touching people’s souls.
  • Christ-followers streaming into the world eager to explain the hope within.

At the 2009 Arts Conference, Wonder, you can gather with fellow arts leaders, teachers, technical artists and worship teams at Willow Creek Community Church. You’ll become part of a learning community of artists who fan each other’s gifts into flame as you…

  • Learn from more than 30 unique and innovative churches, ministries and organizations from around the world as you choose from over 75 breakout classes.
  • Connect intimately with God as you stop and consider God’s wonders.
  • Network with other creatives, exploring the latest ideas, products, and technology.
  • Rediscover moments of wonder, unlocking new potential for your services.
  • Build memories with your team, leaving with a common vision and a replenished faith.

Take a leap toward wonder. Whether your gift is teaching, music, dance, video, writing or production, explore all the possibilities. Register to reserve your spot today! 


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