Uninspirational leadership

Posted on May 16, 2009



It’s 10:30 pm on Saturday night. I’m about to start a painting that I’m not inspired to do. It was a long week, I didn’t get much sleep, and I already expended a lot creatively. There is not a lot in the ‘creative’ tank right now. I do get asked a lot how to be creative when you don’t feel inspired. Do you just wait for it?

My answer, unequivocally is no. On occasion, inspiration comes at the right place and the right time. However, most of the time, inspiration is buried in the deep cellar of your subconscious. It’s dying to get out, but underneath layers of stress, distraction, and fatigue. So the best way to work it out is to just start.

“The inspiration will work its way to the surface. Movement is the key to releasing it.”

The act of creation is a holy and mysterious act. The ability to create something from nothing is truly a gift from God. However, it does not come easy. You have to try, fail, and forgive yourself, over and over again in order to discover the truth inside.  It’s painful, but ironically it’s the source of your real strength, not weakness. If you can master creating when uninspired, imagine what you can do when you are.

Any artist can paint, write, choreograph, play, or act when they are fully focused and inspired. Only craftsmen can sit down and create beauty when they are devoid of motivation. Many times, pushing through those barriers will often lead to the most honest and profound works.

So here I go. The results may not be a masterpiece, but that’s ok. The creative process is more than just painting a canvas but it’s about shaping an artist.

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